I’m Crazy in Love with FONTS – My Favorite FREE Font this Week

It seems that I have a new love and passion for FREE FONTS.  Oh, it’s getting as bad as my morning coffee addiction. Smirk

Realize that not ALL fonts are the best option to use on your website because they may not be so viewable by all browsers, but they are indeed a great addition for adding to graphics, creating quotes, adding to ecovers, etc.

Side Note: I have 8 new ecover templates (more to come) for sale that I created here:


My favorite FONT pick this week:

While feeding my fancy for fonts, I found a cute one that I really liked this week… “Quirky Nots



TWO FREE GRAPHICS for you that I made using “Quirky Nots

Resize them to your liking; use them on your blogs, ezines, etc. (Please, right click to save to your own computer)

Side Note: To see how I make my own graphics installing FREE Fonts and using Microsoft Word, Check out my former post: CLICK HERE

Google Fonts:

If you’re a fan of creating Google documents, then you’ll enjoy their huge collection of FREE FONTS here: http://www.google.com/fonts/

You can test out what those look like here: http://www.bestwebfonts.com/


Paulo Canabarro offer’s a weekly featured “Friday Fresh Free Fonts”  Check out this week’s fonts here: Friday Fresh Free Fonts – Fjalla, Elsie, … http://abduzeedo.com/friday-fresh-free-fonts-fjalla-elsie

Katie says free fonts make her quite happy, and I agree…it seems to be a “new love” of mine as well.  Anyway, she’s rounded up some of the most fabulous new FREE fonts (14) and I think they’re SUPER ADORABLEDelighted

==>>  Fabulous Free Fonts | Sweet Rose Studio


So, what are your favorite fonts? Let me know! 

Made anything creative? Share a link!


“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” (Colossians 3:23)

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